Pra quê  fazer dos compromissos um dia chato?

Num dia de sol, deveríamos levar a documentação para cirurgia no Hospital.

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Num dia de calor faz-se necessário refrescar!

Tio Belote pra variar, nos proporcionou um ótimo dia, e Tia Fabiola aproveitou muito!!


Apresentar a cidade aos turistas!

Com vovô Clóvis e Tia Fabiola

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10 Responses to Aproveitando.

  1. Lila says:

    Só curtindo as férias né miloca!!

  2. Pooja says:

    Katia! Thank you very much, I appreciate it:). I love wrtinig and cooking, so what better way to do both than a blog. And you know I may tacos like La Pif1ata! Those were some funny good times in the Browny front seat with the New Kids on the Block blanket.

  3. That’s an apt answer to an interesting question

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